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What are the "Astutium Support Access" or "Astutium Customer Access" SSH Keys?

SSH Keys allow authenticated access to your dedicated server or VPS but without the necessity for Astutium staff to know your password.  Your server will have one of these two keys installed as standard, please do not remove them as we will be unable to offer emergency support if we cannot access your server.  You will find these added to the .ssh/authorized_keys file for root.

Customers with Management
Customers that have purchased any level of management with their server will have the Astutium Support Access key installed.

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABIwAAAQEAsfnWp2EnYsME4AOHJSMVCwWD8e1VnCXjdiDXbaOK2ZladQNEixRbyNzhl64oG96gvpKp10X1etdGTiijff1uw/j0lFatcmOewZjJkCa5MuPWpKTsrb/VIMNEGYYqMSfJe/JFmh6E52lBp2GJXwV2cPrYHCR+5TbbmT6L55SIbrgqDGhkfvZZhhPuRBQ/E3RVZK+VDih0XmuCdefdE7eo9nP+wlqVsemM7ZXEJSrZv1l8/RglY1fYEomxQViep8nS8j2c2X2B3Ug4LAHkEq4prk9ygDlKSvA832FM8pp62GMSSvEi1X3iTRsC7XtW6q4P/q87zNsQGuxdiDxblYKNsQ== Astutium Support Access

Removing this key will terminate your management service.

Customers without Management
Customers that haven't taken out management will have the Astutium Customer Access key installed.

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABIwAAAQEA1iZbx/00o//Q3KUbsBmYNWYor6lfFctPj7dSZE0ECogtw/YxdSMjte3pEwWy6wGiV12W6nY11JXZl8RR7Mw9tTQwMX8KrN9oruqB/uBrMNkjQfmk1OdzkmnSLMinKgTHiCuI3vGzcL+qav5cS1ZjDE74Q3JbjPcOgjj45wH0rqn+VbydaIuOjAomyLJp5aUmWNge5NYxFwj9o7s8cERQOfTrNlaQzrzclUy++4zzgeTZDIA7IJ0ZPozLLOchtRmZrcj5czZZbMI4qqGB0M1tKskXn6NJPCggqyELhDCzy0bx77KrJFntB7dn5Xz4SHusB4z8R7lREU9tSwhF8Rw8fQ== Astutium Customer Server/VPS Access

We request that this key is not removed, as we will be unable to access your service to provide emergency support.  This may well result in more downtime or data loss in the event that we have to 'break into' your server/VPS instead.

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