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How do I alter ID Protection on my domain?

ID Protection is only offered on certain types of domain (TLDs), and subject to additional rules.  ID Protection can be selected as part of a domain order (which is included free) or an optional extra on transfers or existing registrations.

Once ID Protection has been ordered (or enabled) you will need to then select which contacts to protect - it is not automatic, as you must check and update/correct the domain contact details held with us at the same time.  If 'protected' details are found to be incorrect, you domain may be disabled or deleted without notice or refund.

To Enable / Disable ID Protection Status for a Domain Contact (Registrant, Admin, Tech, Billing, Aux/Other):

  1. Log in to the Client Portal at
  2. Click My Domains > List Domains
  3. If a green shield appears in the ID Protect column, ID Protection is enabled.  If a dash (-) appears, then ID Protection is not permitted for this domain.  If an Order link appears, ID Protection is available - but not yet enabled.
  4. If ID Protection is permitted and enabled, click Manage Domain.
  5. Next use the Management Actions menu, and click Manage Contact Information.
  6. Fill in the requested details and tick the box for each contact you wish to protect.  If you need to corrrect protected details, the usual transfer prohibitions will apply.

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