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How do I transfer out a gTLD domain?

To transfer a gTLD Domain to another registrar: -
  1. Login to the Client Portal at
  2. Follow the My Domains > List Domains links
  3. Choose the appropriate domain and click the corresponding "Manage Domain" button.
  4. Use the Management Actions > Contact Information link to check all contacts are correct and ensure "ID Protection" is disabled. If any details are incorrect, they must be corrected prior to any transfer and correcting them will automatically add a 60 day transfer prohibition - this cannot be avoided.
  5. Use the Registrar Lock screen to remove the lock.
  6. Use the Management Actions > Get EPP Code to request the EPP Transfer Authorisation Code. This will be delivered directly to the REGISTRANT/OWNER's e-mail address, and cannot be sent anywhere else.
  7. Provide the code to your chosen registrar using whatever process they have.
  8. You must respond to the Standard Form of Authority e-mails that we will send to the registrant and the administrative contact within the provided deadline.
  9. The transfer (if approved) will occur at the deadline or shortly thereafter (usually within 5 working days)

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