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Fraudulent Orders and Payment Charge-Backs

Fraudulent Orders & Payment Charge-Backs

We use various credit reporting agencies and will send a default notice to them upon receiving a fraudulent order and/or charge-back.

A charge-back is when a cardholder reverses or disputes a credit card transaction.

Fraudulent Orders

We use a combination of manual and automated tools to verify the authenticity of every order.

If your order originates from a suspicious country or if you have used an open proxy we already know, and your order is likely to be automatically rejected.

If you use an invalid email address, fake telephone number or simply enter garbage into the contact fields, your order will not get processed, and you will be blocked from placing further orders.

Orders using stolen credit-cards or hacked paypal accounts will result in the immediately termination of all services, and the beginning of civil and criminal legal proceedings. Your personal particulars, IP details and domain name will be provided to our credit and fraud checking agencies to prevent future fraud.

Your domain name may be blacklisted and internet users will be wary to transact with your web site.

Charge-Backs, Reversals & Payment Disputes

In the event we receive a charge-back or reversal we will immediately forward the information to a credit reporting agency.

This in turn will seriously affect your credit rating, even after we receive further payment to rectify the situation.

We use several credit reporting agencies in several countries - including


United States

New Zealand

United Kingdom and


Upon receiving a charge-back, reversal or initial payment dispute, additional charges will be applied to the original order amount and an account will be created.

In the event the account is not paid we will initiate legal proceedings. Additional charges may include - but are not limited to - legal fees, recovery and collection fees, credit reporting fees and bank fees.

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