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How do I register a domain with Astutium?

Domain registration

  1. Go to the Domain Checker.
  2. Enter the domain name and select the extensions (TLD .com/.net/etc) you wish to check for availability, do not enter the extension in the domain name box (If asked to enter a security code you must do so before proceeding) then click "Lookup".
  3. Check the "Add to Cart" box next to the domains you wish to order.
  4. If your domain is not available you will have to chose again or try with different extensions (TLD).
  5. Once you have selected the domain and TLD click "Order Now"
  6. Enter any required additional information (these are TLD dependant).
  7. Enter nameserver changes if needed (if you are hosting the domain on an existing Astutium hosting account please set the nameservers to those provided in your welcome email).
  8. Click "Update Cart"
  9. Review your order and click "Checkout"
  10. If you are already an Astutium client you can now login, otherwise you will need to complete the registration information.
  11. If you are registering the domain for someone else (or with different details to the account you have created/logged in with) you will need to either select a Contact from the dropdown list or add a new one.
  12. Click "Complete Order"
  13. If you chose to add a new contact you will be prompted to enter the information and then click "Complete Order".
  14. You will now be shown your invoice and you can select your payment method and make the payment.
  15. Once the payment has been made and your account has passed security checks you will be able to manage the domain via the Client Portal's My Domains section.
  16. Depending on the TLD you may be able to update contact details and or nameservers via the Domain Checker.

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