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I was a (dc domains .com) customer - how do I manage, update, see or renew my domain ?

To register new domains and transfer your domain names to us go to our Domain Registrations page

To self-manage your existing domain names visit the new Client Portal.

- it uses the same details you used at (email address and password)

You can click "My Domains" and see a list of your currently owned domain names and on each you want to change click "View Details" and then the renew button, or you can wait until 21 days before expiry and you'll get an automated invoice to pay

If you would like them to "auto-renew" you can simply add "add funds" to your account which will be spent on the renewals as they are required completely automatically.

Any you dont want anymore you can mark as "allow to expire", and (unless you return to change back to "invoice for renewal" will simply be cancelled at the end of their registered term.

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