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How can I renew/pay for my hosting account

Accounts are setup on an auto renew basis - of course payment still need to be made on the anniversary date.

For annually paid accounts we send many reminder emails to the billing email address that you keep up to date on DC-Hosting or  Astutium Client Portal.   You are able to mark your service as 'do not renew'  or to 'renew' and to  confirm your billing details are correct (once you click one of the links we will stop sending you pre dated reminders)

On the renewal date we will attempt to take payment with the card details on your account. The following morning you will be emailed an invoice (even if the payment failed)

You are also able to make payment directly either via your hosting panels.

Please note : you must make sure you also renew your domain name, this is usually totally independent of your hosting account and is renewed via the Astutium Client Portal if it is registered with us.

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