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How do I clear the exim sendmail statistics on CPanel / WHM ?

If the size of your eximstats database is getting large ( you can check the DB space usage using du )
  • du -s -h /var/lib/mysql/eximstats
then you can clean the database entries. You may also wish to blank the current exim log files at /var/log/exim*

If you want to clean the eximstats MySQL database, from an SSH prompt type...

  • mysql eximstats
Then from with the MySQL application type...
  • delete from sends;
  • delete from smtp;

If you want to remove the existing log entries, from an SSH prompt type...

  • cd /var/log
  • rm -fr exim*.1
  • rm -fr exim*.2
  • rm -fr exim*.3
  • rm -fr exim*.4
  • rm -fr exim_mainlog ; touch exim_mainlog ; chown mailnull.mail exim_mainlog
  • rm -fr exim_paniclog ; touch exim_paniclog ; chown mailnull.mail exim_paniclog
  • rm -fr exim_rejectlog ; touch exim_rejectlog ; chown mailnull.mail exim_rejectlog
Then restart the exim service ...
  • service exim restart

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