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How do I add an E-mail Account to Webmin (in Virtualmin) ?

  1. Connect and login to your webmin control panel.
  2. Click on the Servers tab, and then click on Virtualmin Virtual Servers
  3. Click on the domain that you wish to add the e-mail account to.
  4. On the next page, scroll near the bottom, and click on Edit Mail & FTP Users
  5. Click on Add a User to This Domain
    A form will appear.
    Fill in the details as prompted.
    Any user you put here will become (where is your actual domain name)

    If you wish to enable Subversion for this extra user, or give them an FTP login, you can do so on this screen by clicking Yes next to the appropriate option.
    You can click on the description of the input box for a popup help box describing the option in detail.
Once you click Create, the e-mail account will be created.

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