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Can you fix MySQL on my Unmanaged VPS or Unmanaged Root Dedicated-Server?

Please note the Unmanaged VPS and Unmanaged Root Dedicated Servers are supplied *unmanaged*, so any work we do for you is chargeable @ £85/hour + VAT if its not an actual fault with the systems as supplied.

In order to do anything with your VPS or Dedicated we need you to open a support ticket with ...

  • server/vps ip address
  • root password
  • admin user and password if root logins disabled
  • exactly what you need done ( e.g.g please reinstall and start mysql daemon )

If you want to investigate the issue further yourself first, we recommend:

  • stop and kill the existing MySQL process completely
  • stop and kill the PHP intepreter and Apache
  • from SSH update operating system and control panel to the latest stable builds
  • turn off auto updates of o/s and cpanel software
  • try and start the service from SSH
  • examine the logs if the service doesnt start.

Common reasons for MySQLd not starting are ...

  1. stuck processes
    - ps auxf and kill anything unnecessary or restart the vps/server
  2. ownership/permissions
    - check the owner and mode of the files
  3. version mismatch
    - turn off "auto update" of control panel software, check version compatibilities with the software authors
  4. out of process handles
    - see what else is running, you may need a higher specification machine to perform all the tasks
  5. not enough memory
    - upgrade the vps or request additional ram for your dedicated server
  6. insufficient disk space
    - upgrade the vps or request a new disk for your dedicated server

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