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What are MIME types and how do I add a MIME type to the server ?

MIME types are a standard way of specifying the type of a document.

A web server uses MIME types to tell browsers what type of document the server is sending. For files, the server determines the MIME type by the file's extension (the file extension is the last part of file name, such as .htm for HTML document, or .jpg for JPEG graphic etc).

There is a standard set of MIME types defined at the server level, however, you aren't limited to the types defined there. MIME types may also be added through the use of the AddType directive in your .htaccess files.

How do I add a MIME type ?

A MIME type can be added by creating or adding to the file called .htaccess in the directory containing the document you want to set the MIME type for. The file should contain a line in the following format:
    AddType mimetype ext


  • mimetype is a MIME type like application/futuresplash
  • ext is a file extension like spl
i.e. AddType application/futuresplash spl

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