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Apple Mail leaves messages on server, MAC downloads multiple copies of the same email

Apple Mail Setup Tweaks

AppleMail can quickly over-exceed your email space quota if not configured optimally...

Apple Mail is installed with and requires Mac OS X 10.3 and later ("Panther") versions. Versions of Apple Mail before Panther do not always work correctly and you are advised to upgrade where possible.

Special Mailboxes Settings

  • Click on the Special Mailboxes tab in the account settings window.
  • Turn off the Store sent messages on the server option.
    This option should be off because it will quickly use your entire email space quota.
    If you do enable it, you must routinely clear out all unnecessary Sent folder items to that you remain underquota on your account.
  • Turn off the Store junk messages on the server option.
    This will keep messages marked as Junk Mail on your computer, not on the MailServer.
    You should occassionally review Junk Mail messages to make sure that any are not incorrectly marked as Junk. When you are happy with the settings on the Junk Mail filetrs, you can enable AppleMail to auto-delete them.
  • Turn off the Move deleted messages to the Trash mailbox option.
    Messages that you delete will be marked for deletion, but will still be in their original mailbox until you choose to erase them.
    When you do an erase any space taken by the deleted message will be available to your mailbox again.

By default, Apple Mail is configured to leave mail on the server, and only removes collected messages 10 days later (assuming you connect again 10 days later). Changing this setting wil not delete mail stored locally on your own computer once downloaded.
Though this is the default setting, we highly recommend you change the settings to match those shown here.

Advanced Settings

  • Click on the Advanced tab in the account settings window.
  • Turn on the Remove copy from server after retrieving a message option.
  • In the pop-up menu below it, change the setting to Right away.


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