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Why am I seeing a 500 Internal Server Error ?

The most common reasons for a web page to report 500 Internal Server Error are, in order:
  1. script not uploaded in correct format
    Usually this means that you have FTP'd the script to your webspace in BINARY instead of ASCII. The only time a cgi script should be uploaded in BINARY is if it is an encrypted php for ioncube.
  2. file permissions set incorrectly
    For scripts to execte correctly they should be world-executable, and not world-writable - i.e. CHMOD 755
    Any script you try to run that hasn't been set with chmod 755 will result in an internal server error.
  3. Your script is accessing files outside of your hosting path
    Any script trying to access files outside of your own directory tree will have that access denied. This is a security measure. Please ensure all the files required by your script are within the directory sructure allocated to you.
  4. You have incorrectly set the path to Perl in your script.
    Try /usr/bin/perl
  5. error within the script itself
    Often this is you have used invalid Perl arguments
  6. missing a required PERL module(s)
  7. script attempts to use restricted system/executable commands
  8. script is banned from our systems
    example of banned scripts are
    • IRC relays/bouncers/eggdrops used by script kiddies
    • know exploitable formmail scripts used by spammers
    • insecure buletin board and chatroom software

Always check your Error Logs when troubleshooting any script problems.

We don't provide support for customer script installation, but if you are having serious problems, please submit a support ticket with as much detail as possible and we will see if we can help (please be aware an consultancy fee of £75+vat will apply)

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