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How fast can my broadband go / whats the fastest broadband ? What speed is Connect::ADSL ?

Currently at BT exchanges the fastest ADSL/SDSL that can be supplied depends on line types, exchange equipment, and distance from exchange to telephone master socket in the property.

Presently this is

  • ADSL (Std): 2Mb/s download 256Kb/s upload
  • ADSL (Max): 8Mb/s download 1024Kb/s upload
  • SDSL (Std): 2Mb/s download 2Mb/s upload
  • SDSL (Ext): 8Mb/s download 8Mb/s upload

Using bonded-ADSL it is now possible to link upto 4 separate ADSL Lines from the same provider into an aggreagte broadband service, capable of 4 times the speed ...
Fixed : 8Mb/s download, 1Mb/s upload ! is one of the select few ISPs able to offer a fully managed bonded ADSL service of 2, 3 or 4 connections, including

  • telephone line provision
  • adsl activation and ongoing rental
  • broadband bonding hardware
  • installation and configuration service
  • ongoing support

Please contact the sales team to discuss your requirements.

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