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WHMCS Module-Registrar-RRPProxy
WHMCS Registrar Module for RRPProxy Registry

* self install to ./modules/registrars/rrpproxy/
whmcs module registrar rrpproxy

    For ccTLDS ...
  • at / /

  • be

  • ch

  • cn

  • de

  • es / / /

  • eu

  • gd

  • it

  • jp

  • li

  • me

  • ms

  • nl

  • ru

  • se

  • sg


  • tc

  • vg

  • .uk / / / / /

£10.00  Annually
WHMCS Module-Admin-PowerControl
WHMCS Admin Module for Power Control
whmcs module power controller

  • control your APC switched powerbars

  • control your Raritan powerbarswhmcs module power controller

  • monitor your power usage

  • find which powerbar a server is connected to

  • allow clients to reboot servers within their client areawhmcs module power controller

whmcs module power controller

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£25.00  Annually
WHMCS Module-ClientArea-CactiBridge
WHMCS Client Area Module for Transit Graphs (via Cacti)
whmcs module cacti bridge

  • show graphs to clients

  • keep detailed port stats

  • monitor your bandwidth

  • charge transit overages

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£25.00  Annually
WHMCS Module-Reports-VAT_Pack
WHMCS Admin Reports for VAT Management

Self install to ./modules/reports/
    Reports include
  • whmcs module vat client exempt report
    VAT Exempt Clients Report

  • whmcs module vat ec sales report
    VAT EC Sales List Entries Report

  • whmcs module vat monthly accounting entries report
    VAT Monthly Account Entries Report

Everything you need for extracting your VAT-Exempt, VAT-Not-Charged, and VAT-Charged transactions and VAT/MOSS reporting

£30.00  Annually
WHMCS Software Install/Setup
Installation and Initial Configuration of WHMCS

  • Installation of latest WHMCS

  • Perform Initial Settings

  • Create Administrators and Staff Roles

  • Add Support Departments

  • Setup Cron Jobs

  • Create WHMCS packages/products (upto 5)

  • Configure Automation settings

  • Prepare/Test Server Status

  • Configure Payment Gateways (upto 3)

We also run on-site and remote WHMCS training courses - Contact the Sales Team to discuss your requirements.

WHMCS Module Installation/Setup
Installation and Initial Configuration of a specified WHMCS Module / Add-On.

Please Contact the Sales Team to discuss your requirements.