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.asia is the TLD for the Asia Pacific region.

gTLD Registrants have certain Rights and Responsibilities granted under the ICANN Registry Registrar Agreement in 2009. Registrant Rights & Responsibilities on the ICANN site.

Charter Eligibility Declaration (CED)

Every .ASIA domain registered must use a Registrant Contact that is a legal entity in the DotAsia Community.
The Registrant Contact must warrant and represent that it will make the Charter Eligibility Declaration (CED).
The Registrant Contact making the CED will be responsible for the domain.
Please see for more information on CED.

  1. Locality of Establishment of the Entity
    (must be listed as an AP member at
  2. City of Establishment of the Entity
  3. State/Province of Establishment of the Entity
  4. Type of Entity
  5. Other Entity Type
    *must specify* if type of entity = other
  6. Form of Identity
    Certificate of Incorp,Charter,Societies Registry,Political Party Registry,Passport/Citizenship ID,Other (*MUST* Specify)
  7. Other Identification Form
    *must specify* if type of id = other
  8. Form of Identity ID Number/Code of Reference