Plesk 8 (Linux) reseller series

3. How to create hosting templates

This demo assumes you've already logged in to Plesk

Now let's learn how to create a hosting template in Plesk

1) Click the Domain Templates icon

Hosting templates help speed up the process of creating new hosting accounts, by pre-defining several properties of the accounts you want to create (i.e. storage space, bandwidth, emails, domains, etc)

2) Select Add New Domain Template

3) Enter a name for the new hosting template we're about to create

4) Choose how you want emails to non-existent users handled

Scroll down

5) Let's go ahead and set the limits for this new hosting template

Scroll down

6) Configure how you want the log files rotated

Scroll down

7) Be sure to check this box for virtual domain hosting

Scroll down

8) Click OK when finished

That's it! We've successfully create a new hosting template called Silver Plan

From this page we can add more hosting templates, delete, or modify existing ones

This is the end of the tutorial. You now know how to create new hosting templates for use when creating new hosting accounts