Plesk 8 (Linux) reseller series

2. How to create a domain user

This demo assumes you've already logged in to Plesk

Now let's learn how to create a new domain user

Scroll down

1) Select the hosting account for which you want to allow access to Plesk..... in this case,

2) Now click the Domain Administrator icon

This is the main properties page where you can grant access to Plesk for your users

3) Select the Allow domain administrator's access check box

4) Now enter a password for use when accessing Plesk (note: the username is the domain name,

Scroll down

5) Set the permissions you wish to grant the person you'll be giving the Plesk access to

Scroll down

We'll quickly fill in the rest

Scroll down

6) Now enter the domain user's details in these text boxes

7) Click OK when finished

That's it! We've successfully setup access to Plesk for the domain

8) If you ever need to go back and make changes, just click the Domain Administrator icon again.....

9) We forgot to enter an email address..... let's do that now

The domain administrator details have been updated

This is the end of the tutorial. You now know how to create a new domain user in Plesk. Don't forget to give the login information (username, password, and login URL) to the new domain user