Plesk 8 (Linux) end-user series

12. How to use File Manager

This demo assumes you've already logged in to Plesk

Now let's learn how to use File Manager in Plesk

Scroll down

1) Click the File Manager icon here

Scroll down

This is File Manager, and it's here that you can upload files to your account, rename them, delete them, change their permissions, create new folders, and many other functions

2) Let's navigate to the httpsdocs folder..... click the folder icon here

Your website files are located in the httpdocs folder

Now we see the files and folders located within the httpsdocs folder

3) Let's create a new folder..... click the Add New Directory link here

4) Enter a Directory name for this new directory

5) Click OK when finished

The new directory /members has been created, and we're currently inside the new directory

6) Let's navigate back to the parent directory, httpsdocs

Here is the directory we just created

Now let's rename this directory..... scroll right....

7) Click the rename button here

8) Now enter a new name for this directory, then click OK

Scroll down

The directory /members has been successfully renamed to /users

9) Now let's delete the directory we created..... click here

10) Then click the Remove Selected link

11) Confirm that you want to remove this directory, then click OK

The /users directory has been deleted

12) Click to move up to the parent directory

Now let's learn how to upload a file to our hosting account. We want to upload a CGI file to the cgi-bin directory.....

13) Then navigate into the cgi-bin directory

14) Click the Create a New File icon here

15) Locate the file to be uploaded

16) Click OK to upload the file

Success! The file has been uploaded to our hosting account

Now let's change the permissions of the test_scriptl.cgi file..... scroll right

17) Click the Permissions link here

18) Enter the new permissions by selecting the appropriate check boxes

19) Click OK when finished

The permissions have been updated

20) Now let's delete this file from our account

21) Confirm the removal, then click OK

The file has been removed from our account

This is the end of the tutorial. You should now be more familiar with using File Manager to upload files, create new folders, renaming files or folders, and setting file permissions