Plesk 8 (Linux) end-user series

9. How to use WebMail

This demo assumes you've already logged in to Plesk

Now let's learn how to use Webmail

1) Click the Mail icon here

Scroll down

All email accounts in this hosting account are listed here

To login to webmail for one of them, scroll right.....

2) ..... and click the webmail icon for that email account

3) Enter the email password then click Log in

We are now logged in to the webmail program Horde, for

4) Let's click on the options icon

On this page there are several options for configuring the way your webmail displays for you

Although we won't do it now, feel free to alter any of the options displayed on this page

5) Now let's go into the address book

Horde Webmail comes with an address book which you can use to store commonly used email addresses

6) Let's add a new contact to our address book..... click here

7) Let's go ahead and add an email address to the address book

8) Enter any additional information you want for this new contact

9) When finished, click the Add button

10) Now let's go to our mailbox

11) Now let's go through sending an email..... click New Message

12) Instead of typing in a recipient's email address, let's choose one from our address book

13) Click OK when finished

14) Now complete the rest of the email

Scroll down

15) Click Send Message

Here is where you could add attachments to your message

The message was sent, and can now be seen here in the inbox, since we also copied ourselves on the message

Let's navigate to the sent-mail folder

16) Click the Folders link

Here is the message we just sent

Let's create a new folder

17) Enter the name of the new folder, and click OK

The new folder has been created..... let's now go move a message into the new folder.....

18) Select the message to be moved.....

19) Select the folder you want the message moved to.....

20) Then click Move

Let's check to make sure it's there

The message has been moved to the new temp folder

We are now looking in the temp folder.....

..... and here is the message we just moved

21) Now let's delete the message

That's it! We've successfully deleted the message

22) When finished with Webmail, click the logout icon here

This is the end of the tutorial. You now know how to use Webmail (Horde) in Plesk. Remember that you can use webmail for any email account you create in your hosting account