Plesk 8 (Linux) end-user series

4. How to create a POP email account

This demo assumes you've already logged in to Plesk

Now let's learn how to create a POP email account

1) Click the Mail icon

2) Then click Add New Mail Name

3) Enter the prefix of the new email address here

This is where you create your new POP email account

4) Then enter (and re-enter) a password for this new email account

Scroll down

Make sure this box is checked in order for the new email account to be a fully functional POP account

Also, you can set a specific quota limit for the mailbox if you wish

5) Click the OK button when finished

6) Click the Mail link here

That's it! The POP email account has been created

Scroll down

The new POP email account is now listed here in the main Mail page

This is the end of the tutorial. You now know how to create new POP email accounts from within Plesk