Plesk 8 (Linux) end-user series

2. Becoming familiar and navigating around in Plesk

This demo assumes you've already logged in to Plesk

Now let's learn more about Plesk, the features available, and how to navigate the various available pages

We are currently signed in to the Home page of Plesk for the domain name, which you can always get back to by clicking here

1) Click the Desktop link

We are now on the Desktop page (a new feature in Plesk 8), which contains quick links to commonly used tools in Plesk

Let's take a look around..... scroll right.....

As well as providing quick links to commonly used tools, the Desktop also displays some quick statistics like Disk space usage, Traffic limit, etc.

There is also a Favorites section that has links to the most recently used tools in the account

2) Now let's click the Home link here

The Domain group has tools like Reports, Limits, Domain Aliases and the Backup tool

The Services group has tools like Mail, DNS and Databases

Scroll down

There are many tools available from the Home page, and are therefore divided into different groups

Scroll down

The Hosting group is where you'll find things like Setting up your hosting, creating Web Users, Subdomains, using File Manager and SSH

At the bottom of the Home page, you can view specific information about this domain, like how much storage space is being used, and what's allowed, etc.

3) Now let's click the Sessions link here

The Sessions Management page allows you to see how many people are currently logged into your Plesk account

This shows that we are the only one logged into Plesk for this account, since the listed IP address is ours

4) Click the FTP Sessions link here. There is currently nobody using FTP for our domain, otherwise they would be listed here

5) Click here to return to the Home page

This is the end of the tutorial. You should now be more familiar with Plesk, it's various feature screens, the new desktop, and some of the tools available