DotNetPanel reseller series

6. How to create hosting plans in DotNetPanel

This tutorial assumes you have already logged into your DotNetPanel reseller control panel

Now let's learn how to create Hosting Plans

1) Click Hosting Plans

2) Click Create Hosting Plan

Scroll Down

3) Enter the Plan Name here

4) Enter the Plan Description here

5) Select Yes to charge for this plan

6) Enter the Setup Price

7) Enter the Recurring Price

8) Now select the recurring term

9) Select the Hosting Space that will use this plan

10) Click here to select the Quotas

Scroll Down

11) All of the Quotas are now listed below. Go through each quota and select the settings you prefer

Once finished, Scroll Down

Note: Your Quotas list may look different, depending on the server settings

12) Click Save to create the hosting plan

Scroll Right

The plan name is listed here

Copy allows you to copy this plan (great when creating multiple plans)

The target server is listed here

The amount of spaces using this plan is shown here

... and plan availability is listed here

Your Hosting Plan has been created.

This is the end of the tutorial. You now know how to create hosting plans through your reseller account