H-Sphere 3.x reseller series

11. How to enable email notifications in H-Sphere

This tutorial assumes that you've already logged into your Reseller Admin section

Now let's learn how to notify your staff of the inquiries sent by your customers

1) Scroll over Settings...

2) ...then scroll over Notifications

3) Click Notification Recipients

Scroll down

Here you may add recipients' addresses to different categories

4) Click this icon to add a recipient

5) Enter the name to identify an email address here

6) Then type in the recipient's mail address here

7) When finished click Add

Scroll down

That's it! We have successfully added a recipient who will manage domain registration issues

You may add recipients to all other categories in the same way

Scroll up

Now let's see how to customize system emails in your control panel

8) Scroll over Settings...

9) ...then scroll over Notifications

10) Click E-Mail Notifications

Scroll down

On this page you may allow or deny sending a particular notification to a customer as well as enable or disable sending copies to the addresses in e-mail notifications groups

Sending copies is enabled by default but you may always disable it by clicking on small CC icon at the right

Now the copies of Account balance notification have been disabled for group Misc

Let's see how to customize a user e-mail notification

11) To access it click on its name here

Scroll down

12) It is possible to choose message sending format here...let's change it to HTML

13) To allow BCCs check the box here

14) After click Save

That's it! The changes have been successfully applied

Now let's see what other customer notifications can be sent through H-Sphere

15) Scroll over Settings...

16) ...then scroll over Notifications

17) Click User Warnings

Scroll down

Here you may set up system warnings for your users on the listed subjects

This is the end of the tutorial. You now know how to enable and customize the system notifications for your staff and users and make your business smooth and accurate :)