SMF series

17. How to moderate a topic in SMF

To moderate a topic, you must have moderator or administrator priviledges.

1) Browse to any post.

The moderator options are down here at the bottom of the page.

2) Let's start by locking this topic.

This topic is now locked, as indicated by the padlock icon here. Regular members will be unable to post in a locked topic.

3) Let's make the topic a sticky now.

A Sticky Topic will always float to the top of the post list.

If a topic is similar to another discussion in the forum, you can merge them into a single topic.

4) Click Merge Topics.

5) Select the board containing the topic this one should be merged with.

6) Choose the Target Topic.

7) Make sure the topics selected are the correct ones to be merged. Then click Merge Topics.

Let's view our Newly Merged Topic.

Here are the posts from both topics.

Now let's do the opposite and see how to split a topic.

8) Click Split Topic.

9) Specify how you'd like to split this topic, then click Split Topic.

10) Let's view our New Topic.

Sometimes you may need to edit a post for a user.

11) Use this Edit icon to do so.

12) Make any changes then click Save.

13) Use this link to remove a post.

Make sure you really want to delete the post because it cannot be recovered once it's gone.

14) Use Remove Topic to delete the entire topic and all its posts.

This concludes the demonstration. You now know how to moderate a topic in SMF.