SMF series

14. How to use the Ban List feature in SMF

Occasionally, you may need to restrict some users from being able to access your forum. You can do this using the Ban List feature.

1) Go to Admin.

2) Click Ban List.

Any bans in effect will show up in the list below.

3) Let's Add a New Ban.

4) Type a Ban Name.

5) If the ban is temporary, select the second option and enter the number of days.

6) Type in a reason for the ban which will be shown to the member.

7) Set the type of restrictions for this ban.

In order for this ban to have any effect, we must specify at least one Trigger for the ban.

8) Let's ban all visitors with a specific IP address. Click here.

9) Type an IP address.

You can also ban anyone with a specific hostname, email address, or username.

10) Click Add.

11) Go to Browse Ban Triggers.

Any ban triggers -- including the one we just made -- will show up here.

This concludes the demonstration. You now know how to use the Ban List feature.