SMF series

11. How to change member registration settings in SMF

Let's see how to edit registration settings in SMF.

1) Go to Admin.

2) Click Registration.

The first tab lets you register a new member, which we saw in the previous tutorial.

3) Click Registration Agreement.

This is the default agreement that is used. You can change it as needed, depending on your forum's policy.

4) Click Save.

5) Go to Set Reserved Names.

6) Type any names here you don't want users to be able to select for a username.

7) Click Save.

8) Go to Settings.

Let's look at the methods of registration.

Immediate Registration will activate new members immediately. Member Activation requires members to click a link in an email that is sent to them.

If you want to be able to approve new members before they can begin posting, use Member Approval. To disable registrations entirely, use Registration Disabled.

If you want admins to be notified when a new member joins, click this checkbox. Note that if your forum is very popular, this can result in a large number of emails.

You can set the required strength for passwords here. Setting this to high is the most secure option, but can result in passwords that are hard for your members to remember.

9) To restrict your forum to only accept members of a certain age and higher, use these settings.

10) Click Save.

That's it! You now know how to change member registration settings.