SMF series

9. How to manage members in SMF

It's important to know how to manage members in case you need to make changes to any of their profiles.

1) Go to Admin.

2) Click Members.

This page will list all the members that have registered for your forum. This list can be very long and contain thousands of people. Let's see how to use the search form to find a specific member.

As you can see, we can search by user ID, age, number of posts, the date the member registered, when they were last online, and so much more. It's not neccessary to fill out every field.

Let's look for all usernames that contain the word Spam.

3) Click Search.

Our search parameters have returned a single result. We can edit the member's profile by clicking on the username or delete the member, which we're going to do now.

4) Select the checkbox next to the name.

5) Then click Delete Selected Members.

We have been returned to the member list.

6) Click on a username to go to that member's profile.

The first page shows a summary of the profile, such as the name, number of posts, etc.

You will not be able to edit anything on this page.

7) Click Show Stats.

Any statistics for this member can be viewed here.

Similar stats can be seen on the next few links in Profile Info.

8) Let's go to Account Related Settings.

If you decide to make this member a moderator or administrator, you can do so by selecting it from the drop down.

9) Click Change Profile.

10) Click Forum Profile Information.

These are the member's personal settings which you probably won't want to change.

This concludes the demonstration. You now know how to manage members.