SMF series

4. How to configure Features and Options in SMF

This tutorial will show you how to configure options and features in SMF.

1) Go to Admin.

2) Click Features and Options.

The Basic Features page has a variety of different options that are sure to be useful to you. We will point out a few of them.

3) If you want users to register before being allowed to browse the forums, uncheck this first option.

Choosing a low number of maximum characters allowed in signatures can help prevent unneccessary clutter.

User online time threshold sets the number of inactive minutes before a user is logged out automatically. Note that setting this number very low can provide a lot of frustration when typing up or reading long posts.

Setting a maximum width and height for posted pictures will prevent overly large images being posted.

4) Click Save when done.

5) Go to Layout and Options.

None of the options here are vital to the functionality of your forum; however, some of them can be useful, such as showing a quick login form at the top of every page.

6) Click Save to keep your changes.

7) Click the Karma tab.

Karma is disabled by default. Use the drop down if you wish to enable it.

8) Click Save.

This concludes the demonstration. You now know how to edit features and options.