H-Sphere 3.x end-user series

26. How to password protect a directory using WebShell

This tutorial assumes that you've already logged into your H-Sphere control panel

Now let's learn how to password protect a directory using WebShell. Note that you can password protect a directory only but not a single file

1) Scroll over FTP/User Account...

2) ...then click FTP User

3) Click the File Manager icon here

This is WebShell, the File Manager application in H-Sphere

It is from here that you can password protect your directories and as a result require visitors to enter a username and a password before being able to view the content of certain pages in their browser

4) Click the Protect button here

5) Click the small folder icon beside the folder's name you wish to password protect

6) Click Edit

7) Here you can add a new user and set a password for   it...click Add button

8) Enter a login or username and a password for the user you wish to grant access to

9) When finished click the Save button

As you may see, here you can add new users, delete the existing ones or update their passwords

10) Click this Save icon when finished

11) Then click Save here

12) To leave the protection wizard click here

Now let's log out of WebShell

This is the end of the tutorial. You now know how to password protect directories in WebShell, how to create users and set up passwords for them. You can also update the existing users' passwords from within WebShell application