Intro to XHTML series

1. How to make text bold and italic

Bolding and italicizing text can help to add emphasis to important words.

In (X)HTML, the <b> tag can be used to create bold text, and the <i> tag will make text italic.

1) Let's make the word "first" bold.

2) Now, let's italicize the word "everything".

The <em> tag (which stands for emphasis) and the <strong> tag (standing for strong emphasis) can usually be used in place of <i> and <b>, respectively. They may not be rendered identically in every browser, though.

3) Next, we'll use both <em> and <strong> to make the word "second" both italic and bold.

It's important when nesting tags like this that you always close the inner tags before closing the outer tags, as shown here.

In other words, <em><strong>second</em></strong> is invalid.

<b> and <i> can be nested, too, as can most other (X)HTML content tags.

4) To finish, we'll save the document and open it in our browser.

This is what the page looked like before we added the bold and italic text.

Compare that to how it looks now. Everything appears to have worked.

This completes the tutorial, and the series. Be sure to watch Part Two of this series as soon as it comes out.