phpBB 3 series

24. How to manage smilies in phpBB

This tutorial assumes you've already logged in to phpBB

Now let's learn how to manage smilies

Smilies, or emoticons as they are sometimes referred to, are small images you can insert into your posts to further express your feelings or thoughts

1) Click Posting

2) Then click Smilies

3) To edit a smilie, click its edit icon here

Available smilies are listed here on the Smilies page

4) Change the name of the emotion for the smiley here

5) Click Submit

That's it!  The smilie has been edited as can be seen here

6) You can delete smilies by clicking their delete icon

7) Click Yes

That's it! The smilie has been deleted

This is the end of the tutorial.  You now know how to manage smilies in phpBB