phpBB 3 series

3. How to use word censoring in phpBB

This tutorial assumes you've already logged in to phpBB

Now let's learn how to use word censoring

1) Click Posting

2) Then click Word censoring

3) Click Add new word

This is the Word Censoring page.  Words added here will be automatically replaced when posted by users

4) Enter a word here and what you would like it to be replaced with when posted

5) Click Submit

That's it!  The word censor has been added.  From now on when dog is posted it will be replaced with d*g

6) Click this icon to edit the censor

7) Enter a new word to replace dog with here

8) Click Submit

That's it!  The word has been edited

Now let's delete the word censor we created

9) Click Delete

10) Click Yes

The word censor has been deleted

This is the end of the tutorial.  You should now know how to censor words in phpBB