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diamonds, the top level|sub domain|country code Internet domain (g|s|ccTLD) for (location/purpose)

The registration of a diamonds domain name is restricted to (who) | open to anyone
Any rules chanegs in last 24 months here

(who) can Register a .diamonds domain with .DIAMONDS Accredited Registar Astutium.

About diamonds Domains

dotdiamonds domains are specifically useful for (target market)


Registrant Requirements for diamonds Domains

Registrants can be ...

Exclusions for diamonds Domains

diamonds domains must be between X (min) and Y (max) length
diamonds have a blocked / reserved list of domain names that cannot be registered including (examples)

Registration of diamonds Domains

Let Astutium help you register your diamonds domain

Renewal of diamonds Domains

diamonds domains must be renewed with the current registrar prior to expiry date.
Allowing a diamonds Domain Name to reach expiry date will involve downtime and additional 'recovery' costs
diamonds domains can be renewed at any time before expiry. diamonds domains may be renewable for X days after expiry (grace period) however this involves additional work and additional costs diamonds domains may be kept after grace by the registrar or registry and sold at auction, used for advertising, or for any other purpose. A diamonds domain that has expired may never be deleted / released / become available again

Transfer of diamonds Domains

A diamonds domain can be transferred between .DIAMONDS Accredited Registrars from X days after registration upto Y days before expiry.
Transfers do | do not have a cost and automatically | do not renew the domain for another year
Transfers of diamonds require the domain to be unlocked at the current registrar and need a valid EPP transfer code
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Important Links / Additional Reading for diamonds Domains

(if gtld) gTLD Registrants have certain Rights and Responsibilities granted under the ICANN Registry Registrar Agreement in 2009.
Registrant Rights & Responsibilities on the ICANN site.